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"My income has more than doubled in less than a year! You've made a world of difference in my life."
Nance Donaldson,
Commercial Real Estate Broker
Atlanta, Georgia

"You listen well, you're humorous and optimistic. I'm light years -almost literally-beyond where I'd be on my own. I don't stay stuck."
Jay Hellauer,
Investment Manager
St. Louis, Missouri

"I picture you with a velvet crowbar in your hands. You pry away the junk and get what's inside, in a very sincere way."
David Lee, CEO, AirShares Elite
Atlanta, Georgia

"You keep me moving in the right direction. I'm pleased with everything. I never knew how much I needed coaching. Thank you soooo much for keeping me focused."
Sharon Cash,
President, Sapphire Farm
Sapphire, North Carolina

"I feel like I was at the right place at the right time talking with the right person. I can't thank you enough for making a positive, healthy difference for my children, my dad, and me."
Barbara Hannah
Vice President, The Entrepreneur School
James Island, South Carolina

"You are a good listener, nonjudgmental and non-threatening, yet tenacious. Underneath this mild-mannered man is a very fearless entrepreneur."
Gary Barnett,
Senior Account Manager
Atlanta, Georgia


"You helped me move through the clutter of work and get to what I really wanted in my career -and what I was willing to give up - to achieve that goal."
Amy Kimmes,
Branch Manager
Atlanta, Georgia

"My work has taken on a comfortable flow. I have enough money to live on with a minimum of hassle. I credit you with helping me to get to this place in my business."
Mickee Carter,
Nashville, Tenn.


"There is an elephant-headed god in the Hindu religion known as the 'remover of obstacles.' I don't know his name, but that's how I see you."
Cathy Lee, Artist
Atlanta, Georgia

"As a mother and therapist, I spend a lot of time caring for others. You regularly, gently and compassionately pushed me to consider what I needed to do to nourish myself."
Laura Kuehnert-Gaines
Child and Family Therapist
Powell, Ohio

"Hiring you as my coach was one of the best career moves I've ever made!"
Dave Witker
General Manager, Westchester Country Club
Lake Worth, Florida

"We now have structures in place that are making things work well for us. Thank you so much!"
Nancy Asbury,
Child Advocate
Atlanta, Georgia

"The interesting thing about you is both your diversity of interests and the intensity of your drive to succeed. I thought that I was talking to a low key, laid back individual. I found out that you are highly competitive and results oriented!"
Ron Fleisher,
Management Consultant
Tampa, Florida

Media Mentions

Life Coaching by Cristen Conger
The Latest Trend In Self-Improvement Means Help Is Just A Phone Call Away
A well-written general article on life coaching featuring some of my thoughts and viewpoints as well as those of several coaches and therapists from throughout the U.S and Canada.

Achieving Your Goals by Colleen Stephens
An article that features some of my tips and techniques on how to set solid goals for the New Year.

INC. MAGAZINE: February 2004
The Well-Balanced Life: Got Game? By Jess McCuan
When Life Makes You Want To Call A Time-Out, Perhaps It's Time To Call In A Coach.
Highlights how I helped one of my clients navigate through a career transition out of corporate life into his own business.

Pep Talk By Mary Jo Dilonardo
Personal Coaches Can Help You Get Your Career, And Your Life, Back On Track.
An article similar to the one in INC. MAGAZINE highlighting one of my clients starting his business from scratch.

Partnering With A Personal Coach By Paul O'Connor
An article I wrote about a client who made a powerful change in his life once he got clarity about what he really wanted to do.

Go For The Goal By Mark Ellis
With Guidance, A January Resolution Can Become A June Revelation
Features a client of mine talking about how she collaborated with me on regular basis to set and stay on top of goals.

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